Why are there other colors in my glow dough?

We manufacture our products in molds, so sometimes a color may get mixed in the dough from the color we had in the mold before. It won’t hurt anything, just have fun with it.  It may look like this…

rainbow glow dough

How Can I Get The Dough Not To Be Sticky?

Washing your hands with soap before use ensures your hands will be the correct pH and will make it not sticky.

Is play really good for you?

Scientists are proving that play is good for you. You are creating more gray matter in your brain! Kids and adults! So go play glow dough

How does it glow in the dark?

Glow Dough is a cross-linked polymer, which has the ability to re-heal itself when torn or stretched. That means if you pull it in half, you can put it together again.

Glow dough glows a bright green or orange. It is especially bright under black light because of our special fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments. Stretching it under a bright light source for a few seconds will charge it best and it will glow for a long time. This product is cool because it will glow again and again, not just once!

SCIENCE behind it… The Fluorescent and Phosphorescent pigments have the ability to absorb invisible Ultra-Violet light(340-380 nm) and convert it into visible light in our color spectrum(400-700 nm). The Phosphorescent pigments are able to store the light/energy like a battery and have a delayed emission of light or Glow-in-the-dark – Absorbing wavelengths around 365nm(UV) and emitting 529nm(Green). Fluorescent pigments have the ability to convert the UV light into our color spectrum but not the ability to store the light/energy for a delayed emission.


How can I get my Mood Mudd to work?

Mood Mudd -The color of this dough changes by the heat of your hands. This takes a minute or two to change colors and sometimes little hands take longer. Children can have a parent help them put it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes and then the microwave for 5 seconds to see the color change more quickly. 

This product is cool because it will change colors again and again, not just once!

Mood Mudd green/yellow

How Do The Solar Dough’s Work?

Solar Dough– The color of this dough changes in sunlight- yes, it does have to be real sunlight or a UV light. Experiment with this – it doesn’t work under regular household lights like Glow Dough does! Our sun is brilliant isn’t it!! This change happens in just seconds and quickly changes back to the base color in seconds! This product is cool because it will change colors again and again, not just once!

Solar Dough

Can I add Water?

Do not try to add water to any of our products except STUFF- it won’t work to make it a soft dough again. I know—big fat darn it!!

Washing the products in water doesn’t work- its water-soluble which means it dissolves in water. That’s great for cleaning it off of carpet or something, but not so great if it dissolves into nothing and you were planning on playing with it again!!

How Do I get Stuff To Be Like Dough again?

Stuff- This is artistic shaping dough. It feels different than our other GEL-like doughs. This soft, airy dough can be shaped and dried. Once it is dried and you want to reuse it, you can put it in the container with 1-2 tsp of water and in a few hours you can mix it and it will be back to its soft dough form. I know, simply amazing!!

Does the product dry out?

If kept in its container while not in use, all dough’s will stay soft and can be used again and again.