washing hands for safety

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is our top priority at Glow Tec, Inc.! Because we care…
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Why Are Sensory Products Trending Right Now

Lately, there have been some popular sensory trends sweeping…
dough play

Super Fun Ways to DOUGH PLAY!

Super Fun Ways to DOUGH PLAY! STRETCH it: Check out…
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Having trouble getting your kids to sleep?

Kid’s Sleep. It’s so important for all aspects of life. Proper…
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How Do You Teach Your Kids About Peer Relationships

Children learn many things through relationships with best…
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Fun Summer Water Activities To Learn Through Play

  Fun summer water activities and you know your kids are…
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FREE Activities To Do In The Summer

Summer is here! Longer days are upon us and school is letting…
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How To Boost Resilience In Children

How To Boost Resilience In Children Resilience is “the process…
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Playing Pretend And Free Play

The Science of Play: Playing Pretend/Free play It’s no secret…
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Fun Activities Practicing Morphology

Do you know that there is a science about shape? Yes! MORPHOLOGY…
play glow dough

Science of PLAY!

Play is my business. Doesn't that sound like the best job ever?…
Glow Dough

GLOW BIG or go home

GLOW DOUGH is just what it sounds - a dough or gel that glows…