washing hands for safety

Safety is our top priority at Glow Tec, Inc.! Because we care deeply about the safety of our customers, their families and the quality of our brand we go the extra mile to have our products tested annually.

The United States Product Safety Commission is a group which sets federal regulations on certain safety requirements that all toys sold in the United States must meet. To be specific the safety standard is titled ASTM (F963) which is one of a Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Toy Safety. One surprising and revealing truth about safety standards is that any company can label their products as if conform to ASTM standards based on their own claims or testing. But for children’s products more thorough safety testing is required by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on children’s products every 3 years.

Because safety is our top concern we test our products every year with a third party company called Infotox, one of the best toxicology product assessment companies in the world. Not many other small companies or individuals with a toy business can say that and although we don’t recommend our product as a snack, our doughs consistently exceed all product safety and toxicity testing standards so you can be sure that if your precious family members (think dog or curious little person) are safe. 

Every single batch of Glow Dough is hand crafted here in the United States, we run our little factory in Utah where everything we use is food grade and totally safe! Our doughs are wheat free, gluten free, and glycerin free.

Speaking of health and safety, one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading sickness is to wash your hands with soap and water. But did you know that when you wash your hands with soap and water you change the pH balance on your skin so Glow Dough doesn’t stick as easily! Wash hands for health, wash hands for Glow Dough fun!

Stay safe and go play!

washing hands for safety


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